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Howard Sterns Queen - Day1

If you know me you know that I am a super Howard Stern fan. I am a wife, mother and Maltese dog mom, and take all my jobs very serious, I am a Stern fan and I take my  Howard job very serious. I wake up at 5:30 every morning,( no alarm clock) to be ready for Howard's live shows,I try and attend all functions Howard will be at. I join every Howard contest and lose. I have met a tremendous amount of fellow loyal Howard Stern friends and I could not imagine my life without them. I also started a Howard bucket list, on that list was getting a  Howard tattoo, achieved!  On my list was to attend all 18 live shows for what I call "Americas Got Howard"(Talent) .The show is being taped at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center. I said to my husband I would love to attend all 18 shows, but I am always thinking about what will my family do without me 2 nights a week? I worry about my dog being lonely.   My husband says they will survive , go for it.So I put my name on the wait list, called Howard in my usual fashion and mentioned that was my goal.To my amazement and shock, Howard granted me my wish, a box seat at all 18 live Americas Got Talent shows. Howard called me his queen.

Yesterday was day 1 of my royal Howard duties, Howard TV came out to watch me get ready, hair by Maggie, make-up by Allessandra (all Brooklyn girls). I heard there would be a red carpet for me to walk down, broke out my one and only favorite gown from my sons wedding(how cool I found a place to wear it again).This queen drives herself to Newark and is greeted by the greatest Howard fans on the planet.The Howard fans treated me like royalty. I get to strut my Brooklyn stuff on the Red Carpet (hey I could get used to this!). Howard Stern arrives and Newark erupts into wild chants and screams of love for the one and only King of all Media, goose bump stuff. Howard approaches the crowd and to top off all the love I have already gotten I get a Howard fist bump. Wow and the show didn't even start yet, I'm in my Howard glory!! Americas Got Talent gave me the best box seat in the house, with my own escort to "my box". I was introduced by Joey Kola , and he came up to "my box'' to interview me.The Howard fans showed me big love, cause that's just how we are!

Stay tuned for my royal Howard duties, I will keep you posted!!!This is what fans dreams are made of...;)


Day 2,
The Queen Reign Continues
Another big Howard Stern night at Americas Got Talent. As you know Howard gave me a box seat for all 18 Americas Got Talent Shows in the New Jersey Performing Arts Center.Last night day 2,  I had the pleasure of being in Mayor Corey Bookers private box.  Americas Got talent is treating me like Howard royalty. The fans are so incredible to me, meeting all the great Howard fans is the highlight of this dream come true.When I arrive at AGT I enter a fantasy world of pure Howard love .I hope I am conveying how welcoming the fans are to me, they are the heart and soul of my adventure.The Howard fans are making my Howard Dream even more spectacular.

Inside peek into show , New Jersey Performing Arts Center is a spectacular venue.The Americas Got Talent stage is an incredible bright lights & magical place. You cannot take your eyes off of it .The judges give the audience much love at every chance they get. I know you think I'm saying this because I am a super Howard fan, well the crowd goes wild with every move Howard makes. Howard addresses the audience with much love and thanks. The Howard energy in that room is an experience of a lifetime ! 
Day 2 show was elimination, I must admit its hard to see acts go,it can be emotional but at the same time you are cheering on the winners. Its a great night of awesome entertainment. I guess from someone like me with zero talent, I cant play a kazoo,  I get goose bumps and chills from all the performances. Last night we got to see Will I Am and Cirque De Soliel. Imagine all this under one roof !! To be continued........Thanks Howard,with out you none of this would be possible ! xo


Day 3,The Queen Reign Continues
Day 3 of Howard Sterns queen keeps getting better and better. Getting ready is fun because I pick out my outfits, something I don't do on an ordinary Mariann day, usually schlepping around in a t shirt and 10 year old sweat pants. Coordinate times for who will be guest in the AGT box. Snacks and diet coke for the ride home, cant eat all day, too nervous!Arriving to NJPAC and seeing that wonderful venue is like a kid going to Disney, really even the third time.

Upon arrival there is tremendous outpouring of love and picture taking from all the great Howard Stern superfans.Wish I could bottle this stuff and sprinkle the world with it ( and the ''world would be a better place"). Its hard to describe the Howard Stern energy,but I will try. Wether you were at AGT for the first night or third , its like a fireworks explosion in the sky and when you look up you are oohhing and aahhhinng ! That continues all night through the live performances and the judges comments.The theatre makes it feel like you are home in you living room with 3000 fans, cozy but so loud, so good.

The Agt experience is one I wish all can have .I want to thank Agt for rolling out the red carpet, each and every night and treating me like a queen. Thanks to Jason, Christine,Sophia and all who have made this journey one I will never forget! Thanks from the bottom of my heart.
Last but not least, my AGT pics, Tom Cotter, Tim Hockenberry, and Turf!!!!


Day 4,The Queen Reign Continues
You know I could get used to this Queen thing.Everynight Agt roles out the red carpet. I go to the VIP section and Sophia knows me .Do you think its cause I'm the one wearing the crown! No Sophia does her job very well, she is super organized and has all names on envelopes and really does know all by name, crown or not. Jason , one of the nicest AGT producers comes to the VIP section to make sure we are all  taken care of. I get a personal escort Mr .Charles, who couldn't be nicer. He has to wait for me to talk to fans and take pics, who do I think I am , the queen!

I was given extra VIP tickets for no shows, had the chance to give them out to very appreciative fans. I also had DJ DEMO give me a chance to hold an impromptu contest to win the last 2 VIP tickets. What did they have to do? sing my ALL I NEED, and they did, got the tickets and sat in the box and were so happy and excited. Its so good to be able to share this experience with all. I am looking foward to meeting more Howard fans, stayed tuned.


Day 5,
We don't know at any moment what our life will bring.We plan ,we schedule but really its not in our control.Last night I had all the arrangements made to meet up with Joey boots and a friend to go to AGT live. I happen to be sitting in my car and was ready to tweet out that we were on on way. I saw a tweet that Howard and Beth beloved Bianca had passed.How sad and shocking and to know Howard would have to do a live show, and I thought Beth is alone without Howard .My heart was aching because Bianca has been such a big part of all the Howard and Beth fans lives.We had seen her on many shows with Beth and I had the chance to meet her in the city one day when she was just a couple of years old,Beth could not have been more gracious and kind, I bent down to snuggle with the beautiful white coat, immaculate dog and so sweet.Beth must have said another wacky Howard fan but she didn't ,her and Bianca made me feel like I knew them forever!  I can write about how great Agt was last night and the acts but I would rather tell you how courageous Howard was to do his job while the entire time he had his beloved Blanca and Beth in is heart and still got up to acknowledge his fans at every break and makes us laugh.We were all sad about Bianca, fans were shouting rest in peace , we love you Howard,and Bianca.Thats the Howard his fans know and love, truly compassionate loving guy.For me I have lost a pet, I have a pet, I feel Howard and Beths pain.Thank you Bianca for making your owners so happy, for being in the fans lives and for always putting a big smile on my face wether I saw you in person or on a TV show with Beth.God Bless you Blanca, rest in heavanly peace..


Day 6,
The Queendom continues ,as the super Howard fan that I am , I take my job very seriously. Not only do I want to meet and greet every Howard fan, I look forward to it everynight.I cannot thank the Howard Stern fans enough for the outpouring of love they have shown me over the last 3 AGT weeks. I could write a book about the demands on my box! I want all the fans I am enjoying every minute. Since Ring fever is about the fans, you guys should know where I am coming from.  You guys are passionate fans and you show it, you know what's it about.We have the fan fever. Howard Stern has given me more joy over the years than I could have ever imagined in my wildest Howard dreams. I am living a dream now representing all Stern fans and I want to thank you guys.We are Howard's extended family! Thanks to Howard Stern,all the super fans and Americas Got Talent for rolling out the red carpet. I will see all tonight... more Howard love to come... all i need...


Day 7,
The Queendom continues, Yes , I am honored and lucky to be in a "Box" Agt provided for me after the king of all media heard my Howard bucket list request.Each night I travel to NJPAC in Newark , New Jersey to attend the live performances .Not only is it very exciting to see the show live ,its the energy and interaction with all the fans before and after the show .Thanks Howard fans for showing me love, more love than I could have imagined!  I will post daily pics on my web... see u at AGT!


Day 8
The Queendom continues,The past four weeks have been super busy. I have been Howard Sterns queen and attending Americas Got Talent for the past four weeks. Americas Got Talent will have 2 weeks off due to the Olympic coverage. Its a perfect time for me to catch up. Last night was the last live show before the break. The four acts that were chosen happen to be my favorites, Olate dogs, Joe sand painter, Eric Dittleman and  William Close, harp guy (that's what I call him). First I need to say wow, what amazing talent. I have zero talent , no singing ability, ( if you know me and know my voice, oh well you got it ) no rhythm, cant dance or play an instrument, sports totally uncoordinated =klutz!! The talent on Americas Got Talent brings me to tears. Its very enjoyable to watch people who are passionate about what they love do. Its incredible knowing how much time they sacrifice so they could practice or just create something new. Imagine creating something like the harp, the strings are strung across the entire venue and the music is incredible.The Olate dogs truly amazing, I cant train my dog to stop barking unless I pick him up, I admit it. Dilleman wow is it a trick? is he psychic? I'm so dumb I'm ashamed to admit I don't know, but I love it. I cant leave Joe sand painter out, creating sands capes in seconds turning one figure into another with a powerful message. Sand for me is digging my toes on the beach of Coney Island. I told you I wasn't talented. What I do know is that watching a show with people that are passionate is very uplifting. We are living in a very scary, tragic at times society and to be able to divert and see all the acts takes you away and makes you feel good.

Okay so the crown is back in the box and I look forward to seeing more talent after the 2 week break .What am I going to do with myself, maybe take piano lessons?I Nah I tried that at 7 and I just couldn't get through chopstick. But I am thinking, I will keep you posted...


Aug 1st 2012
Who knew being Howard's queen would put me in a state of wanting more live Howard and AGT and all of the Howard fans love for our king .I should have known better.As a super Howard Stern fan wearing the Howard Queen crown has been an honor and privilege I take my job serious. Americas Got Talent is off for 2 weeks while NBC is covering the Olympics .I miss seeing the Howard fans embrace our king with every move he makes. Howard takes special time to address his audience over and over during commercials and breaktime.The fans are overwhelmed. I say Howard's audience because everyone is cheering for Howard and every word uttered is a Howard slogan, bababooey is the # 1 howardisium.Each and everyone who approaches wants to chat the Howard chat.We discuss all things Howard. I still have Howard live in the morning but making the trip to Newark has been added into my Howard routine. I know I'm gonna keep a stiff Howard lip, see you on August 14, hey now...................................


Aug 13th 2012
Now that the Olympics are over, Americas Got Talent resumes at 8 PM, live shows on NBC. The Howard Queen is ready to resume her role and hold Howard Court in her box .Looking forward to the high Howard energy the fans bring .Looking forward to seeing the you tube acts for the first time . Looking forward to the King of all Media to embrace his fans in the usual Howard Stern warm,welcoming way.
The crown is out and polished so here I come NJPAC get ready........Americas Got Howard , aren't we lucky!!

star-bar-flashing-2Day 9

After a 2 week break due to the Olympics, Americas Got Talent is back live on the air Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Naturally I am there to hold court with the best fans on the planet. I didn't know how much I missed it until I went back last night and felt the Howard fans love and and their incredible energy.It really seems like I know each and every fan, I don't but something about putting us together, for  me it feels like forever friends. I talk to all the Howard fans, I get the usual question "Do I mind when Fred plays the crow sound affect?" . Mind I love it , its my signature sound and when I hear a crow I think wow that's what I sound like, brutal!!  Another popular question"How do you feel when Howard hangs up on you?'' Well as long as Howard picks up on me is the answer!
I know you guys are going to call me bias but I must tell you the energy at Americas Got Talent show comes from  Howard Stern, yes there are Sharon and Howie fans but the magic the Howard Stern fans bring is like no other.At times Howard refers to it as ''his'' stage and I refer to it as "Howard's audience"
Last night I had the opportunity to share the Queens box with Doc Ivan (graphic artist to all things Howard, moderator of Sternfannetwork and true genius). Zenasbuddysgirl also shared the night with us (super fan , behind the scenes of HCOTW and all tweeter stuff, ultimate doggie mom) and Roberta  (super fan, super fan , the quiet type with the greatest love and respect for the Howard Stern show). Me the unquiet type! Another Howard fan I must mention Ann Hirsch, just met Ann a few years ago and I feel like we know each other since kindergarten. She is the ultimate fan that just comes to feel the Howard love, and one day If I couldn't make AGT, bite your toungue.Ann is my understudy.
Could you believe that I get a big welcome back from all the Americas Got Talent staff, starting with all the ushers and senior volunteers at the doors to the higher ups. Let me explain these guys are running a big show,  a very big show but each and every night they come and say hi. Ill start with Sophia, a young girl who is in charge of all VIP tickets.Now that's a high pressure job, she does it with the coolest, calmest , biggest smile on her face ever. Sophia greets all, makes sure we all have over tickets and goes out of her way to accommodate all. Thanks to Sophia for her help each and every night at AGT.
Jason visits the box and makes sure all his correct, but he spends time asking How I really am, this is a man who is running a huge show with 3000 people and so much going on behind the scenes, I'm amazed and thankful.
Christine, Christine, Christine  the most beautiful woman inside and out. Relocated to New Jersey with a little boy and couldn't be more organized, running Americas Got Talent and coming to greet me! These are the good people of the world that make it a better place .I know I sound corny but its true. So from the greeter at the door to the biggest AGT staffers, I thank you for making me feel like a true queen!
Tonight I will be back, so looking forward........peace and love, Howard and AGT!!


Aug 28th 2012
Talk about fans, well Ring fever is a site all about fans, and Americas Got Talent has some of the greatest fans to some of Americas greatest acts. Last night was an exceptional show, its coming down to the wire and the top acts are competing against each other for the final spots .Tonight only 3 will go ahead. My 3 picks , I have 4 and I am torn. Here are my 4 picks from last night, Tom Cotter, Harp, Oliver dog and Dittleman. Tom cotter super comedienne in 90 seconds made my cheeks hurt. The harp, mesmerizing, fantasy, soothing ,incredible . Oliver dog, well I am a dog lover ,I have a dog, rescued many dogs, was born in the year of the dog,you get it. Oliver dog is one of my favs not only because its a dog act , there is a very talented man behind the dog! Now to Dittleman, ooh its magic or no is he psychic??? I don't know but Ditttlemans act is amazing. I could pick 3, I picked 4. Its my fantasy , I am the Agt queen !! lol

So good luck to all, all these incredible talented acts would be great in Vegas and to all the fans who support them, keep on doing what you do best!!
ra ra zip boo ba!


Get ready friends for a laugh as you glance through my looking for a AGT finale gown. I took less time buying a wedding gown. Vote for your favorite. I know the one I am wearing, I also know  I need to stop the chocolate!!



There was never a plan, no agenda, just a Howard Stern fan and obsessed listener. My Howard Stern rule I live by, Howard makes a bad day good and a good day great!

I have had a million great Howard moments Over the past few summer months, I have been living a Howard Sterns fans wildest dream. The summer of luvin Howard has been a blast being his AGT queen in a box for all 18 AGT shows. I have spent my entire summer listening to Howard on the radio and then driving out to NJPAC in Newark to watch all 18 live shows. It was on my Howard bucket list. I called into Howard once I knew he was going to be live in Newark and my mission was to make it happen.

What you don't know is I had discussed it with my husband, he calls them my Howard brainstorms. Our conversation. me "do you think its possible for me to get 18 tickets and attend all the AGT Howard shows"? , Him"why not".

Why not is because I've never been to Newark, never left my family twice or three times a week, and I am very attached to mommy dog Maxi. So with my husbands encouragement that my daughter is 20, Maxi would survive without me. He would take my daughter out to dinner those AGT Howard nights, I should try and go on the web site to get tickets.

Monday morning I call Howard to tell him how I feel, that I am going out to support him. Remember Mrs.Miller from Merv Griffin, well that was the idea. To my shock, Howard said to his producer Gary Dellabate, make it happen, get Mariann 18 tickets and treat her like a Queen!!!!!  That's what I mean when a good day turns great.

Fast forward, making a plan, take a ride to NJPAC in Newark with my husband, dry run. Do I have enough outfits? I live in jeans .Need to get my hair blown a few times a week, every week manicure, pedicure, keep myself together. Take care of my house, give Maxi extra attention, rework my cko schedule, for Howard and the AGT honor, its all possible!

From the first AGT Howard show I knew I was in Howard heaven. Pulling up to the parking lot and seeing all the fans outside with Howard signs, taking pictures, gathering for the Howard lovefest. This went on all summer for all 18 shows. It was an upbeat Howard party all summer long.

As far as my second home, NJPAC, that's what I call it now. The entire NJPAC staff from the parking attendant, security, ushers and volunteers all made me feel like a queen.The outpouring of love was amazing. Our conversations, our time together is something I will never forget.

Now to the incredible talent and the AGT crew. Seeing a live show brings it to a whole new level. The work that goes into building a stage and taking it apart in a few minutes, that's a talent. The talent who needs to get their message across in 90 seconds, that's a tremendous challenge. The acts did it.
The AGT producers, executives, the check in at VIP, all done with a smile and all took care to visit me in my box each and every night!

Okay to the point, Ms.Christine and every AGT executive made my experience a Howard bucket list moment that I would not have even dared!
Thanks to Christine, how she did it I have no idea, but she escorted me to my shock to personally meet Howard Stern in his private dressing room minutes before he was about to go on stage!!!!! We spoke, I shook, I sweated, I spoke too much, I cried!! I never sweat!!!!  Howard handed me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers and an official AGT honorary member jacket. Christine from AGT pulled the strings to make that happen for me, Christine knew how much Howard and the show has meant to me, yes I must have told her in every conversation we had in the box. For Howard to embrace me in his private dressing room, well he didn't have to but he did, that's Howard. The Howard I know and love is the Howard America finally got to know this summer. The kind compassionate, loving giving Howard. Howard is our public king, but he his truly a King in his private life. He has a beautiful loving wife, wonderful parents and children. He's a great friend from all who tell us and he's an animal lover.

To sum my AGT Howard journey up , from the first moment to the very last, wow, yes Howard dreams do come true!! Like I said, Good To The Very Last Drop!! Thank you AGT, Thank you Howard Stern for taking the time to do this for me!! All ''i'' Need.... You guys get it!!!





Women Over 50 just wanna have fun!!
Now that my AGT/ Howard Stern summer is over. I am catching up on all life. First it started with the house, straighten out summer clothes to fall, when you have a 20 year old that's a big job. Then backyard clean up and some Halloween decorations.

Now to the best, I have neglected my girlfriends for a couple of months so it was time to get together for all the girls birthdays are life's greatest joys, the ones you can rag to about all, and they will listen. Friends are the ones to congratulate you first and take your back, do you a favor without thinking. Our get together was awesome, absent makes the heart grow founder.

Anna made the homemade calzones, and tuna ensalada. Me the roast , ham and potatoes. Some cheap wine too!. Since we were celebrating all birthdays, a must Costco chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, a $17.99 super bargain that's so good. Dont forget the Carvel cake, pistachio with vanilla crunch, some don't know about it, you must try. Life in the real lane.....enjoy the real moments...


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